welcome to the Bruce Springsteen Diet

I’m on the new Bruce Springsteen diet, day 3. That’s where I pretend Bruce Springsteen is in love with me and I eat well and do my workouts (listening to guess what). That’s pretty much the whole diet right there. A lot of doing what you’re supposed to do and some innocent day dreaming. My starting point is 70.5kg and my goal is 68 by May 11th aka my son’s second birthday. I was 73kg when I got pregnant and had a really easy time dropping the weight after he was born. Then, as the baby grows, it gets more difficult to find that hour on the tread mill and every excuse is good. (which I really don’t understand since it’s such a high) I love the way I feel when I take care of myself. My mother in law says, “don’t exaggerate” but I’m the all or nothing type. So here goes day three.  Part of the Bruce Springsteen diet is you have to write down everything you eat and the exercise that you do. My father has tried so hard to get me to do “my fitness pal” on-line but you have to choose from all this prepackaged american food which I’m not eating. Nothing I eat is on that list. So here’s day three:

breakfast special k red berries, coffee

snack strawberries, blueberries and 1/2 banana

lunch: boiled carrots and zucchini

pasta w/ endive, porri and radicchio

45 min work out 540 cal.

water, fruit salad, snack bar (99 cal)

dinner boiled potato and beans. pear and pecorino. schiacciatina

I have decided two things. I don’t have time to log this stuff on-line every day so I’m going to do it once a week and maintain my paper diary daily and just transfer it over. Number two, I have to stop weighing myself every day. My numbers went up from yesterday and that’s not possible. So…..I’ll see you in a week with my reduced weight.

Bruce, I have to tell you something. I had an awesome work out today. I confess that I was listening to my husband’s iPod cuz mine is on the fritz and I already listened to all his Springsteen which is just the greatest hits. So…I had some other stuff and I wanted to dedicate three songs that really got me going to you. Two of them are by Gianna Nannini:

bello impossibile and Latin Lover. Now I heard you speaking italian in florence the one and only time I ever saw you in concert on my anniversary June 10th 2012. I bet your ma would be happy to help with some of the vocabulary if it were necessary but you probably already know both the words in the title and therefore the general gist. Then, the other song I wanted you to hear was by Battisti. Do you know him? What?? You don’t? I know you think doo-wop is pure sex, but I’m telling you this song dedicated to a motorcycle is it. You can hear the desperation in his voice. I wouldn’t translate it. Just listen to it. Then, if you really need to know, call me and I’ll whisper the english in your ear while you listen.


I’m just telling you….if this doesn’t work, I’m gonna have to try the Marlon Brando work out.

Bruce Springsteen, Drammenshallen, Norway

Bruce Springsteen, Drammenshallen, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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