week two

Bruce, I have to confess, I went to italy for the weekend with my lover and I ate some stuff that was “fuori menu”. Ok, I live in italy and that lover is my husband, but we needed a get away. He shot a little film of me eating pears (hey, that’s a fruit!) with gorgonzola (ahem) and honey. with a glass of vermentino. Oh my gosh, it was so good…but….not on the Bruce Springsteen diet.

Then on the way home, baby accidentally shoved a straw in my open eye and sent me to the hospital. So, I’ve lost a week of treadmilling. On the up side, I continue to eat as I should and haven’t gained anything. (to be honest, I was happy with the pictures of myself from our trip to Genoa and encouraged to make this thing work. I made a good torta salata last night that got a thumbs up from my sister-in-law. (just call me and I’ll explain how to put it together)

It’s a crappy day here. I had a dream about you last night….They were going to give away some tickets to your concert at church and I was really hoping to win but I wasn’t allowed to participate in the drawing because I was a guest at that church. I think this is just my way of dealing with the fact that you’re coming back to italy and I won’t be able to see you. Who’s going to Napoli? Not me. If you and the little woman need a discreet hide away with something that is on the Bruce Springsteen diet…you know where to find me.

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