you know that song you wrote, “Your own worst enemy”? We all know who that is and usually we’re ready to fess up to it. (see my last mia culpa) But I have to tell you about two external sources I’ve come up against in the last 5 days I’ve been dieting and working out: my mother and father in law. Bruce, they couldn’t be nicer people. SO, I’m just going to try and cut the drama and tell it like it happened. 

Saturday night at the beach, Bruno goes out and gets a big vasca di gelato. You know I live in italy and you know what gelato is. So I say, none for me thanks. And he says, you know what you gotta do? Instead of 10 cakes, you gotta make 5. His point is I make a lot of sweets and I need to reduce the frequency. But you know, italy, food is love and all that. So I agree with him. Then he goes to give me the gelato and I say, no….no thanks. None for me. And he says, “you disappointed me”. so, I’m screwed twice. Once I disappointed my father in law and the second time I’m not getting any gelato.

Fast forward to Monday. I work til 12:30 and it takes me about 40 minutes to get home and the baby will be sleeping. I go ahead and get a mezza schiacciata with bresaola, ruccola and grana and eat it in the car. By the time I’m home I’ve digested it and I’m ready to do my workout (which was awesome by the way). I get home and my mother in law says what did you eat? A half a sandwich. That’s not enough. I want to do my workout now and can’t be full up, I’ll have some salad after. The she says she’s gonna give me a spanking. (I’m 39 she’s 74)

Do you see what I’m saying here Bruce? Sometimes when we finally don’t have any problems with motivation we hit these other things we gotta deal with.

So here’s what I had for dinner: a LOT of bietola (I don’t know how to say that in english, it’s like a cousin of spinach) with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon. 2 thin slices of pane integrale and prosciutto and melon. Actually, I’m really full. I was laughing because I have not stopped running all day and I just want 45 minutes to……run. Oh the irony. Now I’ve gotta put my little man to bed. Tomorrow’s my day off and besides my workout, I’m going to have my hair done. In Italy. Where I live.    


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