diet helpers

I went and had my hair done yesterday …for three hours…and I had a revelation. Getting your hair done nice helps you to be true to your diet because you are looking good. It must have been a hundred degrees yesterday and after they did the color I said, well, I’m just going to put it up, so why don’t you put it up a little cuter. I have this elaborate two braid system going on culminating in a buffont up do. I slept in it and it looks just like it did yesterday. Add a 20 euro HM dress and Im set. Put your make up on and your hair up pretty and meet me after work on the treadmill baby.  PS it’s 7 days of the BS diet and I’ve been faithful. Woo hoo, mini goal reached. 

I have a confession. Bruce Springsteen kissed me last night! (in my dream).

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