talk to me, til the night’s over

Dear Bruce,

I’ve got your picture on my motivation poster, but must confess the first song on my playlist today was streetfighting man. I’ve had such a hard time “just doing it” and something inside really responded to the music. Me, little english teacher who has trouble spelling things correctly hauling ass uphill listening to streetfighing man. My husband just came in and asked me “who’s Bruce?” Bruce Springsteen, you know…..The guy who is gonna help me get skinny. I really want to look nice at Christmas Bruce. It’s no use telling me I look good now….We all love you because we know we’re not beautiful but hey that’s all right with you, but this understaning is not going to help anyone lose 3-4kg in the next two months. So, you wanna know what I ate today? Fine, I’ll tell you. Coffee and special k. For lunch a big head of broccoli I boiled and then sauteed with aglio, olio, vino bianco salt and pepper and grana and 80g pasta. Worked out 42 minutes and burned over 500 calories. I would have kept going but a student showed up. For dinner I had a carrot, half a green pepper, half a porro and 2 zucchini cooked in the microwave 10 minutes with a filo d’olio salt and pepper. Allora?? Pretty good, eh?

Hey, why do they pronounce Patti’s name wrong? I heard an interview today and they said, sssshalfa. Does she say it like that?

Tell me you’re proud of me. Tell me to keep up the good work. Tell me my husband’s going to be alright. He’s got a double hernia. He’s gotta lose weight too. What are we gonna do for him? Don’t go suggesting any Jennifer lopez diet. You know I love you, but i’m jealous and I’m not sharing this one. Why is everything so hard?


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