Time goes by, but I’ll always need you Bruce

Hello Darling,


I know, it’s been a long time. Sometimes things are just too bleak to write about and I know somewhere you can probably understand that as I have a feeling we may have suffered similar mental problems. I’m doing therapy now that requires a lot of digging up past things that were better off where they were….in the past. The result is the feeling of being a zombie barely able to walk and a threat of spontaneous crying fits in public places and quick exits from super markets. I have found my post Christmas mo-jo and had a great two weeks working up from 30 minutes up to an hour on the treadmill (up hill baby) I am eating a fresh spinach salad every day as my starter at lunch. I dress it with our olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, chives (this is key) and chopped pecans and cranberries. It’s really an awesome salad. I had some problems and three days passed without the workout and then I feel bad and it seems hard to get back on. But I did and I made it to 40 minutes today. The music helps a lot. It takes me to another place. I’ve ordered a  new dress from England so God only knows if I’ve figured out the right size. It’s long, with a black background with red and orange roses on it. It’s got short sleeves and an empire waist.  If it’s a hit maybe I’ll buy something else from them in the future, but let’s just assume we’ll have to send it back until we know otherwise.

I’ve just redone the dining room. After ten years and a lot of extra work I bought a new dining room set from “convenience world” but I’ll say it is nice. It’s real wood and the one that was there before (for 45 years and cost my father in law 75 euro total) was not. We painted it and I have my little fake fireplace in the corner. I use my nice ceramic dishes I’ve gotten at charity events for the church and resale shops and the place feels really elegant. Who is this having dinner in this fancy place?  What can we do but try to keep moving?  I saw you released a new version of the river. I wish I could buy it but it seemed too expensive. Maybe you could just sing it to me sometime when I’m working out. See you tomorrow.


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