just a little quickie

Hey Babes,


Well, after having caught Francesco’s virus and throwing up three times Thursday and being a zombie yesterday I didn’t I’d make it past 20 minutes today but I got in my 700 calories in just over an hour. It didn’t really even feel like work. I smiled when the bears theme song came on. (thanks Tim) After that was “Get thy bearings” which also seems appropriate for this moment in my life. I did everything in the wrong order according to italian style because I took my shower did my hair and put on my lipstick in the morning and did my work out in the afternoon thereby nullifying the effects of my previous efforts, but it’s all for me and it makes me feel good. There’s something about exercising that makes me aggressive. I double dog dare you to try it. Unless it’s you Bruce. Then we could give it a try together. Have you ever been worried about how you’re going to look in the summer in your bathing suit?    bruce beachNo….No, of course you don’t.

Well I do honey. I saw a picture of myself last year and I have a new goal. It’s to not be embarrassed of how I look in a bathing suit this year and don’t try thinking those skirts american ladies are so fond of wearing are going to hide anything! God bless the Bruce Springsteen diet!!


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