don’t tell a soul

Hello Bruce,


I have to confess something to you….I’m having fun! I never got on the scale at the beginning because it can scare you too much but I’ve just been doing it. I’m at the point now where I look forward to my workouts because I know I can do an hour without too much sacrifice and I can see my legs are toning up. My husband must have listened to your advice about how to attract a woman and instead of being jealous of middle school children he made a comment about my butt being “higher up” than it used to be. Yes, darling, that’s because I’ve been doing an hour on the treadmill on maximum incline every day. And that smell is the fango under the plastic wrap on my thighs smoothing away the cellulite when it’s not being scrubbed off in an abrasive shower scrub. It’s amazing what a woman will do to herself in order to make herself feel better (or worse for that matter) but even a placebo can be positive if only on the mental and since I’m dealing with some mental stuff, I’ll take it all and with gift wrapping please. I’m having fun. I’ve been in such a funk for so long. I understand what it means to “let myself go” and now I’ve found myself and I’m working hard to get back into it.


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