Crazy in Love

Mamma mia Bruce, it’s spring and I’m crazy in love….with you and you know, love itself and the sunshine. After my public shaming I bought 4 new dresses. They’re adorable and I look nice. I did go ahead and sign up for the salon thing which involves me laying down in a dark room for 40 minutes twice a week getting squeezed. It’s nice. I invited someone to go for a walk with me (since we’re both on diets) and he told me if he did the walk with me he’d fall in love with me. So we didn’t do it. But that was an ego booster I’ll put in my closet. I’m taking a cue from your play book and creating a notebook of ideas. I’m collecting lyrics, pictures, ideas to inspire a story idea I’ve had cooking  that it might help me develop these ideas a bit and live out “these romantic dreams in my head” on paper.

I hated fashion as a teenager because I didn’t have money and couldn’t have the leather loafers the popular kids had….I never owned  a plastic swatch that would have made me more popular. (John Hess had TWO of them and wore them at the same time!!!!!!) So I was one of those kids who went against because I couldn’t go with it. As an adult woman living in Italy I have changed my mind completely. I still don’t follow fashion because 90% of things I see are ridiculous, but are they supposed to be? I’ve never understood that? And what’s with these angry women?  Anyway, I do believe in finding something that makes you feel beautiful and my style seems to be 1940’s and 50’s dresses in floral prints. Living here, I notice that people really do treat you better if you look nice. And it feels nice. I used to be haughty about it and prefer to be ugly.  A long time ago my mother told me, you’re not a beautiful girl, but with a bit of effort you are cute. I accept that. I’ll take cute. Taking care of myself makes me feel good and I appreciate that. Come sing me a song tonight under my window. Don’t worry about the dog. I’ll be waiting.


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