ciao amore

Bad day today. I went for a 4km walk this morning and had a hard time lifting my feet. Dragging. I stayed up past 1 am yesterday and I never do that. I had to watch “la finestra di fronte” I’m listening to “unsatisfied” by the replacements and I guess I’ve been time traveling today. I was listening to Frank Sinatra as I walked and there it was, the sucker punch I wasn’t expecting. The music is allegra but it’s a punch in the gut. “I hear music when I look at you, A beautiful theme of every dream I ever knew
Down deep in my heart I hear it play-I can feel it start, then it melts away…” Damn that day I wrote all the words in a card and tried to express how I felt the night before I said yes. My father reaching the corner of elm and president and saying I can turn left and take you to the church or turn right and take you to the airport. Damn the day I said turn left. Damn Tony Rio that was trying to court me but didn’t just say it. Damn the Replacements. Damn prosecco and depression. Damn people who love you who blackmail you Bruce. 1992

I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance Tony. Maybe I still would have been living on the same continent if I had.


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