Happy Birthday Amore

Hi Bruce,

We haven’t spoken in a long while. It’s your birthday tomorrow and I remember two friends birthdays, one today and one tomorrow because of it. It’s been a long summer with many nice bits but a lot of tension in the marriage. We’re going to couples therapy and just this week went to a psychiatrist to evaluate if there needed to be changes in medications. I’ve been on Prozac for more than 20 years so I’ve stopped that and he’s given me something else. I feel sleepy and it’s hard for me to consider exercise at the moment. I could just fall asleep here at the computer. I just wanted to let you know we’re trying to work things out and it’s so hard with  all of my husband’s problems. They gave him a very low dosage of an anti psychotic together with some other things. Tim says I don’t need medicine, I need to change my life. Well no one denied that. I’m working on it boss, but when there are things you can’t change about the person you’re married to what are you supposed to do? I just don’t have the energy to write anymore. It’s 9:42 in the morning, how am I going to get through the day like this?


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